33 Free Fonts: Best of Script Typefaces


It’s been a while since we featured free fonts here in designfreebies.org. Last one we have was the “Top 30 High-quality Free Body Text Fonts” which we posted almost a year ago. Now it’s time to gather round some free font stuff and let’s go fancy this time with some of the best free script typefaces.

Script typefaces which simulates handwriting or calligraphy style writing are typically used in invitations to convey elegance and personalized touch. I only follow three basic rules in using script typefaces. First, don’t use it on all caps text. Second, avoid using two or more script typefaces. Third and last, provide ample room or spaces (character and line spacings) especially for more exaggerated or curvy ones.

So if you’re on the hunt for some free gorgeous and elegant looking fonts, here is our list of top 33 free script typefaces.

1. Hawaii Lover

2. Baroque Script

3. Angelina Font

4. Amaze

5. Deftone Stylus

6. Adine Kirnberg Script

7. Renaissance Font

8. Black Jack

9. Exmouth

10. Marketing Script

11. Komalatin Font

12. Many Weatz

13. Champignon

14. Precious

15. Eutemia

16. aka Dora

17. Old Script

18. Jane Austen

19. Monika Italic

20. Ballpark Weiner

21. Phoenix Script

22. Learning Curve

23. Brushtip C

24. Damion

25. Francisco Lucas Briosa

26. Tagettes

27. Scriptina

28. Abbeyline

29. Swenson

30. Michaelmas

31. Young Love

32. Honey Script

33. Zothique Demo


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