Free Photoshop Shapes: 1,875 Basic Shapes Set 1


Photoshop custom shapes started with version 6 of Photoshop. With custom shapes, you’ll have the flexibility to use vector shapes or paths in Photoshop.

Once you have made and converted a path into a Custom Shape, you easily create a new copy of that shape with a simple click-drag, and adjust/edit it in any size, color, or layer style you want.

Photoshop already have some pre-built shapes that you can use. Select the Custom shape and then open the Custom Shape Picker and double-click a shape to use. Click the image and drag to draw your shape.

To find and use a custom shape, click the Custom Shape Picker on the tools menu (see figure below) and choose a collection of shapes to load from the list at the Shape palette dropdown located just below the top menu. Any of these shapes can be used to create a path, filled shape, or shape layer.

To load a new custom shape file, open the Styles palette, and from the palette drop down menu, select Preset Manager. The Preset Manager is also accessible from the Shape palette. The Preset Manager window will open (see figure below). Click load and choose your custom shape file (.csh) to load.


That easy! Now here are some custom shapes that you can use. These are 35 shape files with a combined 1,875 total number of basic shapes like arrows, buttons, crosses, curves, frames, flowers, grids, rings, scratches, various polygons and a lot of different mix of shapes.

Here are some samples of the shapes included in the package.


Download link:
1,875 Free Photoshop Basic Shapes Set 1 –  3.6MB


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