Free Photoshop Shapes: 1,102 Mix Complex Set 3


Once again we have here some good amount of free Photoshop shapes. All 1,102 mix complex shapes of stars, grids, swirls, bursts, radials, rings, plus many more… in fact, too many to describe the intricacy of each group of shapes.

I am currently more in love with vector Photoshop shapes right now than brushes. They are so handy to have around when you are doing your designs. The way that you can stretch and distort their vector shapes without creating jaggy edges, makes them incredibly useful. Most of the time I just ended up modifying and breaking them apart to use certain corners or spots that I like.

I already collected a huge selection of free custom Photoshop shapes and I want to share all of the useful ones here in this site. They’d probably amount a hundred to two hundred thousand shapes, so I’m sharing them set by set. In the meantime, enjoy this set  of mix complex Photoshop brushes… more to come.


Download link:
Free Photoshop Shapes: 1,102 Mix Complex – 2.7MB


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