2010 Creative Calendar Print Design Collection


Previously, I shared some generic 2010 Desk Calendar Illustrator template that everyone can use for regular desk calendar giveaways. But if you’re looking for clever and creative calendar designs, then check out our collection of 10 beautiful and creative 2010 calendar print designs.

Sometimes, we designers ran into some standard linear thinking until we get inspired by creative and outstanding designs that draws us out of the box. Same thing, calendar designs doesn’t have to be always rigidly structured calendar months with dates neatly arranged in columns and rows beneath. Out of the box, there could be  a number of creative approaches one can consider when designing calendars. But also remember, unique or unusual design doesn’t always follow good design. Good design should not only be visually appealing but should always reveal function and remains usable.

Hopefully most of you will find this creative showcase useful and find something interesting that you can use for your next calendar print design. Happy new year and may you all have a blessed new year come 2010.

1. Colorful wall calendars from Melissa Design (Vanhoosedesign)


2. 2010 Pershing Calendar by Manuel Dall’olio


3. Shim and Sons 2010 Calendar from Etsy.com


4. Flip Book Calendar by Tomato Kosir


5. Bubble Calendar – 2010 calendar with bubbles to pop each day


6. 2010 By The Numbers by Post Typography


7. “You Can Do It This Year” by Jason Wilkins


8. Hard to Read Calendar 2010 by Timi Everent


9. Spiral Calendar 2010 by Alone-zino


10. Multifaith Calendar for 2010 by Pawel Pilat



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