PULP-O-MIZER: Cool Way to Create your Own Retro Sci-fi Pulp Magazine Cover


Greetings earthlings! Today we feature a very interesting online pulp magazine cover generator from galaxy far far away to satisfy your bizarre cravings for retro vintage sci-fi steampunk graphics. Behold, the PULP-O-MIZER. I just can’t help featuring it here in Designfreebies when I found it a while ago. You don’t have to be a seasoned illustrator to create your own unique and interesting pulp cover designs. All you need is the PULP-O-MIZER and your on your way zapping aliens and conquering other planets with your stunning retro sci-fi graphics.

Pulp-o-mizer designfreebies cover art

The PULP-O-MIZER is a brainchild and invention of a mad scientist named Cornelius Zappencackler (tough name, had to hit backspace several times to get it right). Real name Bradley W. Schenck. An American artist and game designer. Bradley is popularly known for his Celtic and Art Nouveau style artworks. You can check out some of Bradley’s works at Deviantart here.

This easy to use web application offers a lot of customization like text title, sub-titles, fonts (typefaces, sizes and colors), background colors/gradients and ready made images for both foreground characters and background. You can also pull out some cool design presets if you’re too lazy to think of the kind of design you want.

Pulp-o-mizer screen shot main

Some of the options for customizing are shown below. You can doodle and enjoy creating your own design if you have plenty of time to spend and get hooked up for many hours.

Pulp-o-mizer screen shot 2

And finally, after you’re done with your design, you can generate your own artwork as web graphics (332 x 508 pixels regular rectangle or 508 x 508 pixels Facebook square).  You can also order a print version of your design on coffee mugs, poster, iPad case, notebook, cards and invitations, and flyers.

Pulp-o-mizer screen shot 3

The PULP-O-MIZER requires an HTML5-compatible web browser, and if you lose your way around, a very helpful user guide is provided for your convenience. Now go on, play your own cover art designer and show off your own custom pulp cover artwork links below before Dr. Zappencackler’s experimental zombies eat your brains out. Enjoy!

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