Free Vectors: Halftone Dots Design Elements


More vector freebies from your favorite graphic design freebie blog. This time we have some nice vector halftone dots of various shapes, fades and patterns. I have used these vector graphics oftentimes as decoration and backgrounds to create an urban pop art look, or as logo design elements for high technology or media companies or brands. I’m sure you’ll find all of these vector design elements useful, if not today, most probably on your next design project. So you better click the download link provided below, keep them in your archive, and just say thanks next time you use them. As usual, two file formats are included in the set, Adobe Illustrator .ai (CS4) and EPS (Illustrator 10).

Preview of all vector halftone dots provided in the set are shown below.


Here’s a sample book cover design I recently did using vector halftone dots.


Download link:
Free Vector Halftone Dots Design Elements – 2.18MB


  1. Maryann 17 October, 2009 at 04:45

    Can you post a tutorial on how you created that cover using the dots? Nothings seems to be matching up so I’m wondering what your extra steps and tricks were!

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