Free Vectors: Colorful Musical Notes


I couldn’t think of what to share today or where to start with. I played a while on my keyboard and then thought about getting some new music sheets to play. While going through a bunch of pdf music sheets, some beautiful graphics of musical notes played inside my head. I opened up Adobe Illustrator instead, and dabbled and composed five vector musical graphic artworks that I am sharing right now here in my blog. You can use these beautiful pieces on any musical theme design projects like concert posters, greeting cards, invitations, and many more. These are all free to use on any personal or commercial projects. Just don’t distribute or sell these graphics from your site or any other sources. If you want to share these vectors, please link back to this page.


All vector files in this set comes in two formats, Adobe Illustrator (.ai CS2 and up) and .EPS (Illustrator 10 and up). Preview of all vector files are displayed below. Download link is provided further down. Enjoy.


Download link:
Free Musical Notes Vector Artworks – 3.32MB


  1. Karoline 12 March, 2010 at 22:50

    Im traying to open on Corel, I just know work at corel, how can I open on Corel???

    Im waiting.
    Thanks very much,

  2. Graphire 19 March, 2010 at 10:30

    Hi Aneita. It says free vectors not free software. I don’t think anyone in his own right mind will give away expensive softwares like Adobe Illustrator for free just like that.

    But there are open source vector editing softwares around that you can freely use like INKSCAPE that can open and edit Illustator ai and EPS files. Check it out. HTH.

  3. Cara 4 February, 2011 at 02:01

    These are gorgeous graphics – thank you SO very much for making these available for free. It’s very generous of you…

  4. Sarahmg83 6 February, 2011 at 03:38

    I was only able to download a .rar file
    How do I either convert this or download an eps file?
    thanks 🙂

  5. Masood 31 March, 2011 at 09:06

    Man you are a star. Found you through researching just at the right time. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for sharing.

    Keep up the amazing work. Thanks

  6. alale 24 December, 2011 at 00:47

    I am IRANIAN
    I do not know English very well but i like understanding or know English
    Thank you so much for picture

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