Free Vector Illustrations: Valentine Artworks


Valentine’s day is about a week away. But let me be the first to greet you, Happy Valentine’s Day! And today I’m giving away four special treats to all GDFR readers. Four wonderful and lovely vector artworks originally drawn by an exceptionally creative friend artist ( Sorry Ram if I altered some a bit :p ). You can use them to create special greetings for your loved ones or for your website’s love month/valentine theme. All files are in Adobe Illustrator format (CS2 and above).

Valentine Vector Artwork 1

Valentine Vector Artwork 2

Valentine Vector Artwork 3

Valentine Vector Artwork 4


  1. Mimi 4 February, 2012 at 05:10

    I want to say thanks for your kindness and generosity for sharing these wonderful vectors free of charge! God bless you!

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