Free Colorful Abstract Vector Backgrounds with Wavy Lines


While on vacation this holiday season, I was able to do some pending works and random design freebies to share in this blog. While doodling around, I came up with some nice wavy lines in Adobe Illustrator using the “blend” tool to blend paths.

Creating these wavy lines is easy. You simply create two wavy lines using the “Pen” tool. Define the blend options by going to Object > Blend > Blend Options and select “Specified Steps” for spacing and type the number of steps you want your two wavy lines to create. After that, select both lines and click Object > Blend > Make. That’s it. You now have your own abstract wavy lines. If you need a more detailed step by step tutorial about this, let me know so I can feature one.

The background was created using Adobe Illustrator’s mesh tool to blend and create some nice colorful backgrounds. I have provided two Adobe Illustrator ai version files, CS2 and CS4. I didn’t do any EPS file this time as EPS files are way too huge for these vector graphics. I am providing large JPG files (2400 x 1855 pixels)  instead for those who don’t have Adobe Illustrator and can’t open the ai files.

Preview images of all 7 vector backgrounds are shown below. Download links for the 3 set of files are provided way down after the preview images. Download and enjoy.

Download links:
Colorful Abstract Vector Bacgrounds with Wavy Lines – CS4 ai
Colorful Abstract Vector Bacgrounds with Wavy Lines – CS2 ai
Colorful Abstract Vector Bacgrounds with Wavy Lines – JPG


  1. stephen 7 March, 2016 at 21:47

    i am a student in Kenya and i was asking ! how can i design such abstracts with my cs illustrator? plz if you can send me a video!

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