Free Apple iPhone Wallpaper-background Images and How to Customize Them


I know a lot of you iPhone users find it horrible and cluttered to have some customized backgrounds on your glorious phones. Some would comment that they don’t need customization and would not want their iPhone to look like MySpace of some 14-year old girl. While I agree it’s quite ugly and reminds me of MySpace, but I think there are still a lot of cellphone buying 14-year old girls or people that just want to customize their iPhone or iPod for a lot of reasons. And today’s iPhone background image freebies are exactly made for them and for everyone who are tired and bored of their default iPhone background.

But before you hit the download link below, and you still don’t know how to install these images on your iPhone, you may want to read on first.

You can basically change two background images of your iPhone. The default background image when your iPhone is locked and the background image of your home screen.

1. How to change the default background image – or Wallpaper – that appears when your iPhone is locked

The Apple iPhone does not have any easily installable themes but you can change and customise its default background image (or Wallpaper). Out of the box this is the planet earth image as seen from space, chosen to simply showcase the capabilities of the iPhone’s 163 DPI screen. But if you get tired of looking at the beautiful blue globe you can change it quite simply in either of the following ways:

First Method

  1. Click the home button to go to the main menu. Then click on Settings
  2. In the Settings screen click on Wallpaper
  3. You have a choice of options:
    • Wallpaper will take you to Apple’s preloaded range of Wallpapers. To switch to a new one, click on its thumbnail image
    • Camera Roll lets you select from any photos you have taken with the camera. Select the one you want by tapping it
    • Photo Library (and any photo folders you have created) lets you pick from any photo you have synced with your iPhone. Select the one you want by tapping it
  4. Once you have selected the photo, you can drag your finger to move it into the position you want and use the finger-thumb pinch to zoom it in or out. When it looks right click on Set Wallpaper

Second Method

  1. Click the home button to go to the main menu. Then click on Photos
  2. Find the photo you want and tap once to make the control overlay appear. Click on the Actions icon in the bottom left corner
  3. You can drag your finger to move the image into the position you want and use the finger-thumb pinch to zoom it in or out. When it looks right click on Set Wallpaper

2. How to customize your iPhone home screen background

Now if you want to customize your home screen background image and all, you will need an application called Winterboard (replaced the old Summerboard application). Winterboard is an application that let you customize your iPhone / iPod 2.0+. Using Winterboard you can change iPhone icons, customize applications, status bar graphics, iPhone dock graphics, install themes and change wallpapers of your iPhone Springboard.

Here’s a good step-by-step guide on how to use Winterboard to customize your iPhone. What’s hot! for iPhone

How to Customize your iPhone with WinterBoard | Step-by-Step Guide

Now let’s move with the main part. Here are some 30 free Apple iPhone (ipod also) wallpapers that you can download. This set contains some of the hottest and most downloaded wallpapers around. What we have here are some Michael Jackson, Megan Fox, Transformers, Apple, cool cars, and a lot more awesome themes. Preview of all images are displayed below. Download link is provided further down. Enjoy.


Download link:
Free Apple iPhone Wallpaper-background Images – 2.99MB


  1. Free iPhone 4G 23 March, 2010 at 02:43

    Thank you for this enlightening article. I am constantly looking for information on particular subjects and it’s rarely far away on the internet. I’ll be returning soon.

  2. barbaralee 31 March, 2010 at 14:54

    great article. i change my theme/background using winterboard but i’m wondering if you could explain how i can create my own background so the images change every few minutes or seconds like a screensaver? thanks!

  3. benn 15 June, 2010 at 15:33

    i’ve search every corner of the web just to get to this web :D. since i found it, may i have download some stuff like backgrounds from your web. other question is just as same as
    barbaralee. sory, my english is terible in spelling and pronounce, well yea many. but pls mail me if you let wnat to tell me if you give me permition to download from your site (free backgrounds are just fine by me) thank you so much.

  4. Graphire 15 June, 2010 at 16:15

    @Barbara Lee and Benn: There are Winterboard themes that can do automatic switching of wallpapers on intervals. These are just javascript codes included in the theme. Consider also that Javascript process like these keeps on running and churning your iphone processor all the time thus draining your battery faster.

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