Free Images and Photoshop Brushes: Dynamic Lights Package


I was about to post just the background images but I needed to use some light brushes as well to jazz up my sample image. So I ended up with this great package. Free background images with bonus Photoshop brushes of dynamic and abstract lights.

Perhaps some of you Photoshop experts already know how to create dazzling abstract light effects in Photoshop. But for newbie Photoshop users and others who want to create wicked designs with some dynamic lighting effects fast, these background images and Photoshop brushes will come real handy for them. But I’ll still include an abstract lighting effects tutorial in my Photoshop tutorial list and feature it some time. In the meantime, enjoy these freebies.


Sample preview of background images below:

Download link:
Free background images and Photoshop brushes: Dynamic Lights Package – 4.9MB


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