Free Images: 50 Refreshing Green Nature Backgrounds


I think we need some refreshing images this summer season and amidst all financial and global turmoil. Nothing could be refreshing than the color green.

Green is a restful and refreshing color, with some of the same calming attributes of blue (though I like blue more than green). Like blue, the soothing and calming effect of green makes time moves faster.

Green also means life. Plentiful in nature, green represents growth, health, renewal, and environment. On the other side, green can also mean jealousy or envy (green-eyed monster).

Colors in design are more than a combination of red and blue or yellow and black. They also communicate non-verbal messages to viewers. Colors have meanings and symbolism that go beyond ink. As you design web sites, brochures, and logos, it is valuable to keep in mind how our eyes and mind perceive colors and the meanings and messages we associate with each color.

I don’t want you to bore with too much color theories, so here are our freebies for today, 50 refreshing green nature backgound images. Each of these images measure 1600 x 1200 at 350 dpi resolution. Which is sufficient for printing, but also perfect for web/wallpaper uses if you lower the resolution to 72 dpi using your favorite image editing software.


Download link:
50 Refreshing Green Nature Backgrounds – 32MB

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