Free Background Images: 75 High Resolution Fabrics and Curtains


Here are some exclusive goodies for all you loyal GDFR readers. 75 Free background images of high-resolution fabrics and curtains. I have personally collected these images some years ago from various local photo studios, and was planning to include them in a neat stock photo package. But now I’ve decided to throw some away here in Graphic Design Free Resources.

These are high-quality, high-resolution photo images, 1878 x 1878 pixels in 300 dpi resolutions. Perfect for print quality design projects. These images also has some very interesting lightings using spots to bring out contours, create depth and mood, and give dramatic effect.

I’m sure you’ll find thousands of ways to use these images as I did. I’ve used them a couple of times and find them extremely useful for a lot of design projects.


Sample thumbnails of all 75 images are shown below.


Download links:
Free Background Images: Fabrics and Curtains (40 images) – 93.37MB
Free Background Images: Fabrics and Curtains (35 images) – 67.41MB


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