Hi, my name is Mel Torres, a.k.a. Graphire, and I own and run this website. I have been in the creative and graphic design industry for more than a decade. And over the years, I have worked for publications, marketing and corporate communication departments of several local, multinational, foreign and international companies, design firms and publishing houses, where I designed, produced and managed projects; including books, brochures, posters, corporate identities, multimedia materials and websites.

My handle “Graphire” was from Graphire Media, my first design studio venture which has served various clients including a diverse array of businesses and organizations, both large and small. Aside from maintaining this website and several other blogs, doing freelance and entrepreneurial works, I am currently employed doing research and publications in an international organization located in Manila, Philippines.

About this blog

Graphic and Design Free Resources is all about providing everyone design tutorials, stock images, vector graphics, 3d models, web templates, desktop themes, wallpapers, icons, and many more. All for FREE.

I personally believe that good design doesn’t have to be expensive. And creativity should have more premium over expensive materials and resources. So in as much as I can, I am sharing all graphic design resources that I have and all that I can find from all around, here in this blog. It’s my own little way of helping all designers and non-designers alike get their designs done for less.