Top 10 Best Resources for Free Twitter Backgrounds


In today’s fast paced technology savvy era, we need to do almost anything in an instant. Most of the time, we are too busy to tinker with graphic design softwares, designing and customizing our webpage or Twitter page. These free Twitter background resources will come in very handy if you don’t want to mess around experimenting too much with you twitter background.

These sites offer premium looking Twitter backgrounds for free which you can conveniently install automatically or manually by downloading the background and uploading it later to your Twitter account. They also offer color guides that matches your chosen background should you decide to install it manually.

Here are our top ten picks for best free Twitter backgrounds. Check them out and instantly jazz up your Twitter page. Enjoy.

1. Twitter Backgrounds.Org

Free Twitter backgrounds, layouts and themes. They have a very easy to use interface that lets you browse through their free twitter backgrounds & themes, find one you like, then use their auto-install tool to change your twitter profile in seconds; or manually install your new profile by downloading the backgrounds yourself.

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They have a wide range of categories containing high-quality free Twitter backgrounds but you have to sign-up before you can download free backgrounds. also offers personalized Twitter backgrounds for just $9.99. Personalized Twitter backgrounds allows you to choose a theme and you provide them your own photo wherein their designers will retouch your photo and merge it with your selected background. Well, if you know Photoshop then you can save yourself $9.99 customizing your own Twitter background.

3. Free Twitter Designer

Free Twitter Designer is a Flash based interactive website where you can easily personalize your Twitter background straight from their site. You can also sign in with your Twitter account so you can update your Twitter page automatically and also gives you an option to download it and upload it to your Twitter account anytime you want. The Flash based Twitter Designer has many cool features and tools that you can use to create your personalize Twitter background. You can add objects like shapes, text and images, and then manipulate and edit those objects or apply various filters to them. You can also tweak colors, resolutions, overlays, etc.

4. Twitr Backgrounds

Twitr Backgrounds offers a large collection of premium looking Twitter backgrounds. Their designs are top notch. Aside from their free Twitter backgrounds, they also offer personalized backgrounds for $9.99 and custom twitter backgrounds designed by their own dedicated expert designers for just $89.

5. Twitrounds

Twitrounds also offers free and custom ($99) Twitter backgrounds. They have a wide variety of background themes to choose from and gets their gallery updated daily.

6. Twitpaper

Twitpaper is a no-fuss free Twitter background resource. They offer great looking Twitter backgrounds that you can easily download without the hassle of registrations, account login or answering survey forms.

7. – Free Twitter Backgrounds

This site offers free Twitter backgrounds as flat twitter background images which you can download and later on upload and install to your Twitter account. Plain and simple. You just have to tweak your Twitter profile page manually for the colors to match your background.

8. Twitlay

Twitlay offers not only free Twitter backgrounds but a lot of Twitter related stuff like campaign badges, avatars, and many more. They also have premium or customized Twitter backgrounds for just $50.

9. Twitterevolutions

Twitterevolutions is a great resource site not just for free Twitter backgrounds but also free Twitter buttons/badges. They have lots of good looking Twitter backgrounds that you can automatically install to your Twitter account or download and install manually.

10. TwitEria

TwitEria is a gold mine for lots of high-quality Twitter backgrounds without so much advertising and registration fuss, just plain straightforward free Twitter backgrounds. They have plenty of categories to choose from. They also offer automatic and manual installation of their free Twitter backgrounds.


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