Customize Your Twitter With These Cool Powerpoint Backgrounds


I’m relatively new in Twitter and just this morning I bumped into someone else’s Twitter profile and saw a nice customized background. I never thought that you can customize your Twitter besides those pre-design templates. I search google for Twitter backgrounds and found only a few tutorials and some backgrounds that you can customize but not for free. I’m not sure maybe I didn’t search good enough to find other good Twitter backgrounds. But nonetheless, after getting the basics, here’s my first crack at Twitter background.


Not bad eh?

I also read somewhere that you can make money by selling ads on your Twitter background? Huh?  No kidding.  Some Twitters could be making anywhere from $8,000… to $15,000… even as much as $64,000 per month just by selling advertising space on their Twitter background. I’ll check more about this later but here in Graphic Design Free Resources, everything is FREE! So I made 5 Twitter backgrounds for everyone. And to make it easy for everyone to customize these backgrounds, I made them in Powerpoint template. Just download and customize with your own picture and text.

Twitter background sizes can vary from 1024 x 768 (typical 15″ monitors) to as much as 2048 x 1600 (large monitors). But generally, you can cover most screen size with a 1280 x 1024 pixel size background. So I created these backgrounds at that size, 1280 x 1024 px. After you’re done customizing with Powerpoint, delete the temporary Twitter placeholders ( I just placed them so we can visualize where those Twitter page elements will fall), then save as jpeg.

1. Twitter Lighthouse

2. Twitter Goldsilk

3. Twitter Lime

4. Twitter Redgear

5. Twitter Yellow

Switching backgrounds and changing the color palette of your Twitter page is easy to do. Simply select “Settings” in the top row of links on your Twitter page, click on the “Design” tab and then either select a “theme” or click on “Change background image” or “Change design colors” and get creative. Don’t worry about goofing anything up. Any changes you make will not be visible to anyone but you until you click “save”. You can also change sidebar color, background color, and text to properly blend in with your background.

More cool Twitter backgrounds to come. I just hurriedly made these five for today’s post, so expect more in the next Twitter freebie here in Graphic Design Free Resources. Enjoy!


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