10 Best Resources for Free Twitter Backgrounds


While we have our own twitter backgrounds here Graphic Design Free Resources, I decided to go out and look around for more cool Twitter backgrounds to share. I found ten (10) of the best resources offering free stunningly beautiful Twitter backgrounds. Aside from our very own Twitter backrounds, I may have missed some of best resources out there offering the same freebies. So please feel free to mention it in your comment and I’ll see if I can include it in the next round.

1. Cheth Studios’ handpicked Twitter backgrounds from DevianART
One of my favorite. Cheth Studios selected some of the best Twitter backgrounds from DevianART, including some amazing templates in PSD format.


2. Free Twitter Designer
I had fun using this one. It’s an interactive web-based application that allows anyone to create professional looking background images for their Twitter profile on the fly.


3. Twitter Image
They do premium custom Twitter backgrounds for $100. But they also offer stunningly beautiful Twitter background images and textures.


4. Limeshot Design
Limeshot Design Integrated Marketing Services came up with their own Twitter backgrounds with consistent design of beautiful patterns with the famous Twitter bird on a trunk badge.


5. Twitter Gallery
Twitter Gallery offers tons of gorgeous looking Twitter backgrounds in many different categories. They will also give you  an option to install your background automatically or manually. In the automatice mode, you simply enter your twitter account and voila, your twitter profile is instantly transformed.


6. Web Distortion
Web Distortion created 26 amazing Twitter backgrounds for fanboys (and girls). Nice collection of seamless patterns and themes. They also included a colour recommendation for each backgrounds.


7. Twitpaper
Another great repository of free Twitter backgrounds neatly organized in various categories.


8. Twitter-Backgrounds.net
If you’re looking for stunningly cute Twitter backgrounds, this is the place to go.


9. Free Twitter Skins
Well selected free Twitter backgrounds with no watermarks of logos.


10. TweetHawk Twitter backgrounds
Cool looking dreamy type of images designed by Studio 7 Designs and Fresh eMedia.



  1. twitrounds 27 June, 2009 at 06:39

    Great list! There are a lot of sites coming up. We also have a twitter background site as well and would love to be listed in your next post :]

  2. Amers383 27 June, 2009 at 11:16

    Twitter-Backgrounds.net came up as a security risk, when I tried to close the page, it would not close and a new window of it kept popping up every second. I had to restart my computer to make it stop. Just a warning. Someone might want to check it out and I wouldn’t recommend clicking the link.

  3. Graphire 27 June, 2009 at 14:12

    Thanks Amers383 for your concern. I did checked again twitter-backgrounds.net but found nothing unusual. I’m using firefox, maybe some browsers might react. Anyone else experiencing the same bug from that site. Please confirm so I could replace it immediately. Thank you.

  4. Gary 3 July, 2009 at 00:15

    Thanks for putting so much cool info on one page.I have had fun changing my Twitter/chirocentre account.Cheers!

  5. Martin 7 December, 2009 at 20:06

    I followed these links and found, that you don’t actually have to pay to get cool Twitter backgrounds. I found many web pages, which also offer cool and interesting design for Twitter and you can get them for free.
    I hope that this will help you and the readers of this blog. Thank you again and I encourage you to write even more articles like this. They inspire a lot!

    Here is the link to article an article, which I wrote

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