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I don’t mean scrapbooking per se, but rather WordPress themes that has those scrapbook style type of designs. Although some of these free themes are really meant for scrapbook blogs, but all of these can be used for a wide variety of blog types, most suitably for personal blogs, design blogs, diary blogs, travel blogs, and a lot more.

Scrapbooking has been a continuing and evolving hobby, and with the advent of electronic and digital devices, we are seeing more of it referred to as  “digital scrapbooking” or “computer scrapbooks”. Although as a design style, it hasn’t been officially recognized yet in mainstream graphic design, but yet we can claim that it sprouted from one main graphic design style which is the Arts and Crafts Movement of late 19th to early 20th century. And most recently, with the popularity of the grunge design style, we’ve been seeing more websites adopting this kind of scrapbook style grunge mix of design.

Scrapbook style is somewhat related or similar to grunge style, in such a way that both of them are natural, more personal, sentimental and down to earth. They also share similar design elements like hand-written text, torn notes, notepads, sticky notes, random photos, paper clips, adhesive tapes, paper textures, fabrics, and other objects that conveys something personal about its subject. In as much as grunge design doesn’t have to be always deathmetal dark and dirty, a good mix of grunge and scrapbook can help keep things in balance.

So here are 10 free WordPress themes with scrapbook style and a bit of grungy mix that I have gathered so far. Although there aren’t many, I hope a lot of WordPress theme developers would develop and throw more free themes like these. I also saw some good premium scrapbook style themes around in case you’re really dead serious about this type of design and doesn’t mind shelling out a few bucks for a theme.

1. Floral Day by SimplyWP

SimplyWP has released a two column WordPress theme called Floral Day that would be perfect for scrapbook, sewing and craft related blogs.



2. RedEvo Scrapbook

A free 2-column, widget ready WordPress theme from Redevolution.



3. Green Scrapbook Diary from Photomix

Here’s a theme developed by SimplyWP for Photomix. A 3-column, fixed-width with right sidebar WordPress theme.



4. Scrapbook from ericulous

A single column fixed-width with hidden Ajax sidebar from Smashing Free WordPress Themes.



5. Livin Grunge

This WordPress theme may not be totally scrapbook looking, but it leans more towards being a trendy grunge type of design. It has three columns, adsense ready with advertising blocks, right sidebar, cross browser compatible with IE, FF, Opera, Flock & Safari, valid XHTML & CSS and widget ready.



6. Outdoorsy

Beautiful two column theme, quite graphics heavy and dark, but very unique.



7. Fresh Editorial

A professionally and neat looking WordPress theme  with categories and pages in the header and vertical position.



8. Notepad Chaos

This theme has been featured a lot of times simply because this theme is absolutely gorgeous.



9. My Diary from Gecko & Fly

My Diary is a two column WordPress theme with a simple design, stylish hand-written text, and its ability to display image of the specific day automatically according to the date the post is written, thus giving it a hand crafted touch to it. Also included in the download package is the Photoshop (PSD) of the header for easy customization.



10. Photo Frame from Template Lite

A nicely designed Photo Frame theme where you can replace the picture in the middle frame with a photo of your choice.




  1. Kristin Qualls 19 August, 2009 at 02:40

    Do you have to use Word Press to use the free templates? We use Google’s blogger. Can I use the templates on that platform? Thank you for your feedback. Kristin Qualls

  2. James 25 August, 2009 at 18:31

    Thank you for sharing these wordpress templates. Really cool for me. I will select one to use in my personal blog. Thanks again!

  3. prianca 12 September, 2009 at 20:12

    i wanted some old looking scrapbook type of templatesyou guys got any?sites to download them from….any thing will do

  4. Penney Douglas 21 May, 2010 at 13:43

    I love the Notepad Chaos. I’m using it on my blog now! It was in a group of themes I could choose from, and I could test it and then just apply it to my blog – easy peasy. I have another blog, it’s also wordpress. I would like to use Green Scrapbook Diary for it. I downloaded it, but I don’t know how to put it on my blog. I unzipped it, but I don’t know how to put the elements on my blog. Can you help?


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  6. jo 15 March, 2011 at 14:52

    i have a question. can i use one of the themes here in this website for my website in weebly? it is a personal website.

    im waiting for your reply!

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    […] Lately, I’ve been using scrapbook elements for designing web sites. It’s perfect for those who want out-of-the-box designs and provide a feel that they can touch something. WordPress themes with similar concept are also getting popular so I’ve decided to do a roundup of some of them. See below for what I found online. source […]

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