Good and Fast: Conversion Rates and Site Design Go Hand-in-Hand


Here are some simple tips to consider for you to achieve a good and professional web design and project a premium image without taking a premium bite out of your budget.

Ready… Set…

The heavy lifting in any venture comes before the doors ever open to the public. You have your product and the desire to reach the market for that product, but the road to the grand opening can be full of traffic jams and potholes. There’s so much to consider when it comes to the basics of just starting your business, especially when looking at the options available for your eCommerce storefront. While a part of you may yearn for a site with every bell and whistle, your customers may have other ideas about what makes for a great website shopping experience.

Bring Them In

A website is an online sales floor, catalog, and sales staff all rolled into one. Just like a brick-and-mortar store, a browser can come in, look around, not be able to find what they want, and leave. The presentation of the product matters, and the product should be the star of your site, not a bunch of bells and whistles. Professional web design can mean a lot of things to different people. To someone with enough of a budget to manage it, it can mean retaining a full-service web design firm. Someone else might define it as using free or purchased professional website templates that helps you build your website.

In all cases, the site operator needs to consider what properties on the website will turn a browser into a shopper, and a shopper into a buyer. This is called conversion marketing, and the rate at which a site’s visitors change from one to the other is called a conversion rate. According to Wikipedia, the conversion rate is calculated from the number of site visitors divided by the number of goal achievements. As a store owner, your goal is to maximize those conversions, converting from browser to shopper, then from shopper to buyer, then from buyer to a return customer, and a professionally designed site can help.

Keep Them Coming Back

It’s easy to say, yes. Doing it is another matter, and for that you need to put yourself in that browser’s place. What are they going to see when they land on your site? A clean design, fast loading, easily navigable, with clear product information, and a quick checkout experience can level you through those goals at high speed. Whether you use a custom design, or a professional website template, both need to be responsive and engaging to begin converting the casual browser into the committed customer with card in hand.

It’s Your Business!

It can be difficult to decide which way to go with web design. In looking to save money by doing it all yourself, or by leaving it all up to someone else, it’s possible to end up wasting both time and money. By attempting to go it alone, you may find that there’s too many things that need doing all at the same time. By hiring someone to do it all for you, there’s the chance you could miss out on the hands-on experience that can make your business more independent and efficient. There are alternative services where site design, hosting, and even pay portal integration are all bundled together in convenient packages that can be tailored to grow with your business, and with your knowledge of design. Watching your conversion statistics is also a fantastic way to fine-tune your design, and add features that your customers will love. As an added bonus, it’s easy to keep your design fresh and up-to-date when changing your storefront is as simple as a point and click.

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