Top 30 High-quality Free Body Text Fonts


Tired of using Times Roman or Arial for your body text? Then check out our top 30 handpicked high-quality body text fonts that you can freely use for any of your projects.

Instead of featuring some fancy free font roundup, I decided to feature fonts that bulk of our typography requirements use, and these are body type or body text fonts. Body type or body text fonts are what we call typefaces used for body copy. Picking the right body text font for your body copy is challenging at times. You may have to try them out on your actual body text or some large dummy text copy before you see how they fit in your layout. Or you may follow these few simple basic tips in choosing fonts for your body text.

  1. Body text normally ranges from 8 to 14 pts in size. So pick a typeface that is clearly readable from these point size ranges.
  2. As much as you can, stick to serif faces. Serif faces are the most commonly used typeface in books, magazines and newspapers because they are very familiar and comfortable to read.
  3. You may use sans serif faces for informal text or for a more contemporary design.
  4. Avoid using monospaced typefaces and used proportionally-spaced body text fonts instead.
  5. Stick to basic fonts and save your fancy typefaces for headlines, graphics, mastheads, lures, kickers, etc.
  6. Consider also how your body text font will fit in or look together with other typefaces used in headlines, subheads, captions, etc.

So here goes our top 30 free body text fonts. The first 20 fonts are serif fonts and the last 10 are sans serif fonts. Scroll down and pick your choice of fonts by clicking the font names or the preview text images. Enjoy.


1. Baramond

2. Gemerald

3. Droid Serif

4. Adamant BG

5. Roman Serif

6. Dustisimo Roman

7. Temporarium

8. Latinia

9. Prociono

10. Goudy Bookletter 1911

11. ATF Antique

12. Fontin

13. Rosetta Tone

14. Cardo

15. Apple Garamond

16. Bitstream Vera Serif

17. Doulos

18. Charis

19. Vollkorn

20. Linux Libertine


21. Aller

22. Collaborate

23. PT Sans

24. Cantarell

25. Aurulent Sans

26. Alte Haas Grotesk

27. CartoGothic Std

28. Hattori Hanzo Light

29. Dejavu Sans

30. Droid Sans


  1. Q 21 March, 2017 at 08:14

    Try EB Garamond, it is cross platform and I found it perfect for articles. Junicode is perfect for Linux, too.
    You might find Gentium, Crimson, Cormorant, Coelacanth, Linden Hill, Kelvinch, Libre Caslon Text and IM Fell Types fonts pretty appealing for various purposes. All of them are free, of course.

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