Pillow Soft Fonts


Here are some easy on the eyes, pillow soft fonts that you can use on logos, product labels, or any other marketing or advertising materials of products like fabrics, bath tissue, soap, baby items or anything that conveys something soft and gentle.

You can also use them as headline fonts for food, health, religious, children or women’s magazines or newsletters, or any publication materials that you want to communicate as clean, neat, soft or feminine.

The soft font pack consists of 12 kinds of fonts in different weight types like light, condensed, normal, italics, bold and black.


Download Link:
Soft Pillow Font Pack


  1. Mohith 3 December, 2009 at 02:24

    You have got some brilliant stuff here, tutorials, tips & tricks, freebies….
    Can I get engraved/inner embossed fonts? I have been searching for this particular style to use on websites.

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