21 Free High-quality Icon Fonts


Icon fonts are font files that contain glyphs and symbols (e.g. different types of arrows, stars, folders, web and social networking icons, etc) instead of standard alphanumeric characters. Using icon fonts is a great way to achieve scalability and you can apply various styles and effects fast and easy. The only limitation being colour (and possible compatibility with dinosaur browsers).

They are pretty much similar with the common Wingdings or Dingbat fonts, but  icon fonts are specially designed for web user interface. In CSS, icon fonts use the CSS @font-face rule to display icons in web browsers. Here’s a good place to learn more about icon fonts in CSS.

Here are 20 of our selected icon fonts that you can use not just for your web design but as icon sets for all your design needs. Please check each source for information regarding license and usage.

1. Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

2. Modern Pictograms

Modern Pictograms

3. ikoo


4. Sosa Icon Font

Sosa icon font

5. Web symbols

Web symbols

6. Foundation icon fonts

Foundation icon fonts

7. Free Icon Web Font

Free icon web fonts

8. Social logos font

Social logos font

9. Iconic icon set

Iconic icon set

10. Font awesome

Font awesome

11. Raphaël Icon-Set

Raphaël Icon-Set

12. PulsarJS @FontFace

PulsarJS @FontFace

13. Heydings Common

Heydings Common

14. Typicon


15. Icomoon


16. Entypo


17. Symbol signs

Symbol signs

18. JustVector Social Icons Font

JustVector Social Icons Font

19. Icon sweets

Icon sweets

20. Signify Lite

Signify Lite

21. Social Networking Icons

Social Networking icons


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