2011 Free Beautiful and Creative Typography Wallpapers


If a picture paints a thousand words, then typographic artworks literally do. I have always loved typographic artworks. They could clearly convey thoughts through playful selection and arrangement of text, fonts, colors and images. A designer is successful in creating his typographic artwork if he is able to present his design creatively and conveys his message clearly highlighting mainly on the typographic element of his design.

In this post, we are presenting to you 20 of the newest and best free typography wallpapers around. We hope that you will all surely like this collection and serve as an inspiration be more creative everyday in everything you do. You are also most welcome if you want to share through your comments more examples of free typographic wallpapers that our readers may like. Enjoy!

1. Typography Vectorial

2. Free your mind

3. Typography, It’s just cool

4. Typograph

5. Design NoirEdition

6. Bruce Lee Wallpaper

7. Magneticlab Wallpaper

8. Cry Freedom

9. Study, Practise, Inspiration

10. The Characteristics of a Typeface

11. The Typographic Grid

12. The Geometry of Lettershapes

13. Canada Type

14. Typographic Nonsense

15. Typographic World Map

16. be Wallpaper (You can be everything!)

17. Think Again

18. Design

19. Graphic Design

20. Dolce and Gabbana wallpaper


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