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We all know that Adobe Photoshop is one amazing photo editing software. Arm it with plugins, and you have a super image editing program on steroids. Plugins for Photoshop are add-on programs that will help you perform difficult tasks that are almost impossible to do using Photoshop alone. Plugins will definitely save you a lot of time and headaches. But for most of Photoshop plugins, you have to initially shell out a hefty price first before using them. So if you have already spent all your savings purchasing the latest CS6 and don’t have anything left for plugins, I have good news for you. There are still free and useful Adobe Photoshop plugins around that can squeeze more out of your precious Photoshop CS6 investment. So that is exactly what Design Freebies have for you today. In this post, we gathered 12 of the best free plugins that will help you easily create awesome and beautiful images with Photoshop. Enjoy!

1. NKS5 Natural Media Toolkit

This is a great plugin for Photoshop painters. It plugin gives you a fully-loaded panel with different kinds of pencils, pens, and markers. You can also use a variety of paper and use texturing tools to add dimensions to your artworks. Add custom guides and brush presets to quickly work your way in creating your masterpiece drawings.

Free Photoshop plugin 1

2. Perfect Effects 4 Free 

OnOne software is giving away Perfect Effects 4 Free. This plugin is a collection of over 70 effects to enhance, stylize and add elegance to your images. Some of the useful effects included are HDR and vintage looks, textures, and some cool borders. This plugin is can also be used as a standalone program aside from being used as plugin companion to Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, or Apple Aperture.

Free Photoshop plugin 2

3. VirtualPhotographer

If you quickly want to apply special effects to your images in Photoshop, VirtualPhotographer is an effective plugin to quickly add sophistication to your images.  With this plugin, you can adjust film grain, color, B/W, soft focus, high contrast and many other effects to achieve professional photographic effects to your digital images.

Free Photoshop plugin 3

4. Tych Panel 2

The fastest and easiest way to create diptychs (double panels), triptych (triple panels), quadtych (quad panels) and up to ntych. Tych Panel 2 automates the laying out process allowing to create virtually unlimited options in doing multi-panel images.

Free Photoshop plugin 4

5. Cut&Slice me

Cut&Slice me is a handy Photoshop CS6 plugin that allows you to easily export your assets for web across all screen sizes and devices. It replaces the Photoshop’s obsolete way of doing slices and web exporting functionality with its new way of doing things like allowing overlapping slices, exporting only what is needed, easy button states export, and multiple resolutions and sizes for iPhone and Android.

Free Photoshop plugin 5

6. SuperPNG

If you’re always struggling most of the time rendering PNGs in Photoshop, then this plugin is for you. SuperPNG can help you with your PNG dilemma by giving you more control over your PNG output, allowing you to optimize your PNG files by controlling balance between speed and file size. It also allows you to control your alpha channel and meta data.

Free Photoshop plugin 6


CSS3PS is a free cloud-based Photoshop plugin that can convert your Photoshop layers into CSS3. It saves you a lot of coding time, as it offers live-rendered effects whenever it is achievable in CSS3. Some of the features and effects supported are drop shadow, gradient overlay, inner and outer glow, border radius and many more.

Free Photoshop plugin 7

8.  Dreamy Photo

Autofx offers this free Photoshop plugin as part of their DreamSuite series. This plugin allows you to add romantic and dreamy effects to your images. Downloadable package includes the Photoshop plugin, standalone version, presets and an easy to follow pdf manual.

Free Photoshop plugin 8

9. Mosaic

Also from Autofx, this plugin is awesome in creating mosaic tiled artworks. It can take any photos and make them look as if they were created beautifully with mosaic tiles. It offers ample controls over depth, tile sizes and color options.

Free Photoshop plugin 9

10. Halftone creator

As its name says, this free Photoshop plugin applies haltone effect to your images. It offers 3 different halftone dot sizes halftone controls both for low-res (72 dpi) and hi-res (300 dpi) images. This plugin creates another halftone layer when applied, allowing you to have more control between the halftone and original image layers.

Free Photoshop plugin 10

11. GuideGuide

Adding guides and grids in Photoshop can sometimes be a daunting task. Thanks to this plugin, creating guides and grid can never be easier in Photoshop. With this plugin, you can accurately create guides and grids by simply filling out your preferred settings and even allows you to save those settings for future use.

Free Photoshop plugin 11

12.  Divine PSD to WordPress plugin

Divine’s free PSD to WordPress plugin allows you to create WordPress themes easily with no HTML coding required. It creates valid XHTML-CSS codes and themes that are widget-ready.

Free Photoshop plugin 12

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