166 Free Fractal and Abstract Photoshop Button Styles


The last time I shared free Photoshop button styles was almost a year ago (Over 1,500 Free Photoshop Button Styles). Now I have here two sets of Photoshop button styles, fractal and abstract designs. Exactly 36 fractal and 130 abstract Photoshop button styles.

These are not just useful for creating buttons but for a wide variety of design elements as well like text and different kinds of shapes. And these Photoshop styles are very easy to use. Simply open the “styles” pallete then drag the Photoshop style file (.asl) to the palette, then your new styles will automatically be added to your style library. To apply, simply select the your layer and select the style you want to apply and it will instanstly apply the effects associated with that particular style.

Preview some samples of the Photoshop button styles below then select the download links provided further down to download both styles for free. I hope you like them all. Enjoy.

Fractal Photoshop Button Styles

Abstract Photoshop Button Styles

Download links:
Fractal Photoshop Button Styles – 10.71MB
Abstract Photoshop Button Styles – 42.49MB


  1. jeremiah aguda 18 June, 2010 at 14:01

    I want to ask some favor. Could you please send me what kind of software are you using for picture editing,because I really like the pictures that you have.. thank you for the response.. God bless and more power.

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