702 Free Photoshop Brush Shapes


Here we go, yet once more with another mega collection of free Photoshop custom vector shapes. This time we have 702 custom brush shapes. All sorts of brushed type of shapes. Swoosh, swirls, and some fractal looking shapes, all interesting and unique shapes.

I often use these kind of shapes before. Most of the time I’d draw them using Photoshop pen tool whenever I needed them or copy/paste from sets that I have in Illustrator format. That was before when I didn’t know anything about a cool Photoshop feature which is the Custom Shape Tool.

Photoshop’sĀ  Custom Shape Tool can be located just below the Type Tool and the Path Selection Tool (it’s the star fish shape like button in the tool box). It’s a shape tool and it helps in drawing predefined shapes of any size. Users can also draw shapes with perfect dimensions using this tool.

Simply select a shape using the Custom Shape Tool, and click and drag any shape from the Custom Shape palette to your work area. You can then modify your shape using the Path Selection Tool and come up with a number of results like creating a new copy of that shape, in any color, style or size.

Vector shapes, whether in Illustrator and Photoshop are truly indispensible. As a designer it is always handy to have a collection of pre-made vector objects available to use in your designs. And these free Photoshop custom brush shapes are definitely worth adding to your Photoshop custom shape library. Enjoy!


Here are a few thumbs of these Photoshop custom brush shapes.


Download link:
702 Free Photoshop Custom Brush Shapes – 5.3MB


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