2011 Ultimate Collection of Free Photoshop Custom Shapes


Photoshop custom shapes started with version 6 of Photoshop. With custom shapes, you’ll have the flexibility to use vector shapes or paths in Photoshop.

Once you have made and converted a path into a Custom Shape, you easily create a new copy of that shape with a simple click-drag, and adjust/edit it in any size, color, or layer style you want.

Photoshop already have some pre-built shapes that you can use. Select the Custom shape and then open the Custom Shape Picker and double-click a shape to use. Click the image and drag to draw your shape.

To find and use a custom shape, click the Custom Shape Picker on the tools menu (see figure below) and choose a collection of shapes to load from the list at the Shape palette dropdown located just below the top menu. Any of these shapes can be used to create a path, filled shape, or shape layer.

To load a new custom shape file, open the Styles palette, and from the palette drop down menu, select Preset Manager. The Preset Manager is also accessible from the Shape palette. The Preset Manager window will open (see figure below). Click load and choose your custom shape file (.csh) to load.


That easy! Now here’s a list of custom shapes we we selected from all around which you can download for free and use. There are a lot of free Photoshop custom shapes around but we only listed the best ones and those we think will be most useful for your designs. These are combination of  all kinds of shapes like basic polygon shapes, people, logos, arrows, buttons, crosses, curves, frames, flowers, grids, rings, scratches, stars, swirls and a lot of unique and different mix of shapes.

1. 33 Sunburst Photoshop Custom Shapes

2. 25 Wavy and Spiral Sunburst Photoshop Custom Shapes

3. 40 Free Photoshop Shapes – Sun, Clouds, Home, Keys

4. Custom Shapes Set Mix

5. Various Shapes Set 1

6. Free Custom Shapes – Basic Shapes

7. Free Frame and Border Custom Shapes

8. 30 Photoshop Shapes Collection

9. Unique Photoshop Custom Shapes

10. Ornamental Photoshop Custom Shapes

11. Huge Collection People Silhouttes

12. Businessmen Silhouettes

13. Business Girls Silhouettes

14. Mixed People Silhouettes Custom Shapes

15. Circles, Lines and Sunlights

16. Various Star Shapes

17. Foliage Shapes

18. Assorted Logos

19. Assorted Car Logos

20. Various Objects – Nate’s Shapes

21. Various Unique Circle Shapes


  1. online free samples 14 May, 2011 at 19:17

    They are just adorable. I am going to post a link to these on my blog if that is ok with you. I know that my followers will love these. Thanks so much!! The one thing I wish I did see for free was some kind of card for prescription discount. Anyhow if anyone finds this let me know. Thank you.

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