Free Photoshop Brushes: Vintage and Acrylic Paint


Here are two more Photoshop brushes. Vintage and Acrylic Paint brushes. Feel free to download and doodle with them to create your own unique Photoshop artwork.

Now how do you use Photoshop brushes?

There are two ways to use brushes. The brush you want to use and the effect you are trying to achieve will determine the method you use.

You can paint with the brush and this is the method most suitable for basic round brushes and often the best choice for montage layouts. In this method you select the Paint Brush in your Tool Box, choose your brush and paint using your mouse as though you were literally painting on a canvass.

You can also use your brush like a rubber stamp. This method is most suitable for intricate brushes such as these brushes we have today. The brush then leaves a single impression on your layout and you can increase or decrease the opacity of this impression or change the color as desired. The more you stamp with a brush and the variety of brushes used will eventually lead to a better artwork.

Some more tips:

  • Create a new layer before adding new brush strokes, so that if you make a mistake then it can easily be fixed.
  • Be creative. Brushes are a valuable tool with limitless possibilities.

Here are our featured brushes for the day:

Vintage Brushes

Acrylic Paint Brushes

Download Links:
Vintage Photoshop Brushes
Acrylic Paint Photoshop Brushes


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