Free Photoshop Brushes: Old and Grungy Wall Textures


I still have some stocks of old dry wall backgrounds I’d like to share. It’s a separate set from the one I previously featured in “Free Textures: 45 Grunge Concrete Plastered Walls” but similarly grungy. I was using some of these as background in some of my current projects when I chanced upon creating some into Photoshop brushes. And it came out good as Photoshop brushes. So I decided to share today ten old and grungy wall textured Photoshop brushes. All brushes are in high resolution 300 dpi measuring 1024 x 1024 pixels each.


Preview of all 10 old wall textured Photoshop brushes are shown below. Download link is provided for the archive file containing 1 set of Photoshop brushes. Enjoy.


Download link:
Free Photoshop Brushes: Old and Grungy Wall Textures – 7.95MB


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