100+ Free Photoshop Brushes: Abstract Paint Smudges


We know that Photoshop has a smudge tool that you can conveniently use anytime. But most often it’s hard to create the kind of smudge paint effect we really want with the smudge tool. It’s a lot easier if we have a wide variety of ready-made smudge brushes to choose from that we can use to produce the kind of smudge effect we want.

So today I rounded-up over a hundred free Photoshop abstract paint smudge brushes that are perfect for creating stylish cool grunge backgrounds,  some cloudy or smoky texture images, or if you simply want to messly paint some cool abstract artworks. Armed with these smudge brushes and some creative imagination, the possibilities are endless.

1. Abstract Smudge Brushes by Fortune GFX (5 brushes)


Download Smudge Brushes Set #1

2. Pro Smudge Set 2 by Noiseless (9 brushes)


Download Smudge Brushes Set #2

3. Simple Smudges 1 by Pedzle dla Photoshop (14 brushes)


Download Smudge Brushes Set #3

4. Simple Smudges 2 by Pedzle dla Photoshop (32 brushes)


Download Smudge Brushes Set #4

5. Horizontal Smudges by Env1ro (18 brushes)


Download Smudge Brushes Set #5

6. Cloud Smudge Brushes by Noise-Less (2 brushes)


Download Smudge Brushes Set #6

7. Grunge Smudge Brushes 1 by Talei-stock (8 brushes)


Download Smudge Brushes Set #7

8. Grunge Smudge Brushes 2 by Talei-stock (6 brushes)


Download Smudge Brushes Set #8

9. Funky Smudges by KillerQueen23 (5 brushes)


Download Smudge Brushes Set #9

10. Pink Soda Abstract Smudge Brushes by xPinkSoda (4 brushes)


Download Smudge Brushes Set #10


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