Adobe Photoshop CS6 Handy and Easy Tools Palette Quick Reference Guide


For those of you looking for a handy and easy to follow tools palette quick reference guide for Adobe Photoshop CS6, no worries, I made one exclusively for designfreebies. Most of us, especially those who are new Photoshop users would try to open all hidden tools tucked in the tools palette to find the right one they need. I was trying to find some handy reference guide before but all I could find are either text only guides or those where the hidden tools are all over the place and difficult to see right away from which main tool they came from. So I arranged them nicely where all the hidden tools nicely lined up from top to bottom. If you’re going to ask what those letters beside each tool on the right are for, they’re shortcut keys that you can use to switch between tools. To switch between all tools in the group, simply add the “Shift Key” (MAC and PC) to the letters. For example, to switch between all the Lasso tools in the group, just press Shift-M. So once again, here it is folks, your Photoshop CS6 Handy and Easy Tools Palette Quick Reference Guide. Save the image below, print and pin it somewhere for easy access.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Easy and Handy Tools Palette Guide Sheet

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