30 Amazingly Breathtaking Near-Infrared (IR) Photos


I’m always fascinated by near-infrared photography just like HDR. They both represent a different kind of surreal world and interesting ways to view ordinary and everyday images. There are a lot of amazing photo possibilities that we can produce with our cameras, from time lapse, to high-speed, to panoramic. But Infrared and HDR photography takes the ordinary imaging concept one step further and shows us the hidden wonders of colors and imaging drama the human eye simply can’t see on its own.

Near-infrared photography is different with far-infrared (thermal imaging). An easy way to understand near-infrared is somewhat similar with its name, NEAR-infraRED, which is basically the color of light next to red, a color that is invisible to the human eye. In infrared photography, the image sensor or film used is sensitive to infrared light. Together with infrared filters, visible light spectrum is blocked, but allows infrared light to pass, thus the filter looks dark red or black. Thus producing very interesting in-camera effects like false color, wood effects, dreamy black and white images, lurid and snowy foliage, dark hazy skies, etc. The possibilities are beyond our normal visual comprehension.

To better appreciate what near-infrared photography is all about, below are 30 amazingly breathtaking near-infrared photos that will captivate and inspire us.

1. lrargerich

2. Jeffrey Klassen

3. 2121 Studio

4. Mr. Walczak

5. Bill Gracey

6. Billy Currie

7. Blackdaddy

8. Robert Brown

9. Roger Sandgren

10. Cavagna Ottavio

11. Nahoj Sennah

12. Rosario Campione

13. Lukas Ondrousek

14. Francois Spenard

15. Rarindra Prakarsa

16. Kevin Temple

17. Rachel Jacklyn Bilodeau

18. Delbert

19. Irene Müller

20. Niek Haak

21. Mutrus

22. Crossie

23. Porg

24. Snailfan Man

25. La Vita A Bella

26. Dannie Tj. – 李泉亮

27. Prokyron

28. Dingodave

29. Werol

30. Szmytke


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