30 Inspiring Tiger Illustrations to Celebrate 2010 Year of the Tiger


I hope everyone had a great time last year. As we enter Chinese new year this coming February 14 (which, coincidentally, is also Valentines Day), we welcome another auspicious year, 2010, celebrating the year of the tiger.  And so with that, we are bringing you more tiger today by featuring 30 amazing and beautiful tiger illustrations to inspire us and jump-start our lives this year.

This special feature on tigers was also made not just for 2010 being the year of the tiger, but also dedicated to all tigers of the world. A simple call to everyone to be aware of the imminent extinction of the most beautiful, powerful and gracious animal on earth, who are being slaughtered to extinction every day. Current figure estimates of around 5,000 to 7,500 tigers are left in the wild out of the current five subspecies left. These numbers may not be that accurate but it is also feared that the actual figure of tigers in the world today is much lower. Others estimate that the remaining tiger population will be totally extinct or eradicated by the turn of the century or soon after.

May these 30 amazing tiger illustrations not just inspire all of us but also move our hearts to help them survive. Save the tigers!

1. Water Tiger by Graf Art Club

2. Blue Eyed Tiger Cub by Bovar

3. White Tiger by Raipun

4. Siberian Tiger in Snow by Yuko

5. Smilodon Fatalis by Balaa

6. Bengal: King of Diamonds by Balaa

7. Fearful Beauty by Balaa

8. White Tiger Swordsman by Peterpan

9. The Year of the Tiger by Heise

10. White Tiger by Brooksart

11. Sylphe by Darvete

12. White Tiger Clan by K. Beyit

13. Tiger Queen by Lorenzo Di Mauro

14. Beautiful Tiger Art Wallpaper from Desktop Nexus

15. White Winter Winner by Karl Bang

16. Tiger Painting by Jason Morgan

17. Tiger Limited Edition Painting by Jason Morgan

18. White Tiger by Kentaro Nishino

19. Ocean Bed by Kintaro Nishino

20. The King of Forest by Kintaro Nishino

21. Curiosity by Kentaro Nishino

22. White Baby Tiger by Kentaro Nishino

23. Girl and Tiger from Desktop Nexus

24. Siberian Tiger by Jason Morgan

25. Tiger Pool by Avril Brand

26. Year of the Tiger by Mimi Yoon

27. Good Mates by Eric Sheperd

28. Tigger by BarbBarcikKeith

29. The Embrace by Sandi Baker

30. Amber Eyes by Koop27


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