2009-2010 Best of Infographics


Infographics or Information Graphics are visual representation of data and information. This kind of visual representation is used whenever complex information needs to be presented or explained clearly and quickly. Infographics mostly contain visual elements such as signs, maps, charts, diagrams or other graphic representation that will aid easy comprehension of complex data. They are often more powerful than plain imagery or words in transcending context, understanding and meaning to readers in a manner they have not previously experienced. Thus, treating them to a visual feast to learn, become enlightened, and motivated to learn more.

We have gathered at least 15 of the best infographics made in 2009 to present (2010) to inspire everyone not just in creating visually effective infographics but also to generate ideas and stimulate everyone’s creativity. These are a mixture of different types of infographics from statistical, to timeline to map based infographics.

If you know anything else worth mentioning in this 2009-2010 Best of Infographics list, please mention it in your comment. Enjoy.

1. 37 Minutes Bus Ride By Rayz Ong

2. Adaptation – Inadaptado by Rodrigo Machado

3. Balance Your Media Diet from Wired Magazine

4. Tree of Skills by Peter Grundy

5. DPS for Mens Health magazine, listing UK deaths by Peter Grundy

6. Digital Nostalgia from Wired Magazine Italy, March 2010 Issue

7. The Map of the Future from Wired Magazine Italy

8. Flowing Data Infovis by Luca Masud

9. 2010 World Cup Schedule by Martin Oberhäuser

10. iPod plus iTunes Timeline by Filip Chudzinski

11. The Babel of Beers (consumption, prices, taxation and restrictions: beer world infographic status report) by Francesco Franchi

12. Grandes navegações, Revista Superinteressante / março 2010

13. Student demographics within the Design Faculty at Politecnico di Milano developed by Density Design

14. World Cup Prediction Infographic from Wired UK, June 2010

15. 2010 Chile Earthquake Infographic

Grandes navegações


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