Website Design Made Easy with Adobe Muse Now Out in Free Public Beta


Following Adobe Edge’s introduction this month, now comes Adobe’s latest web site creation tool, Adobe Muse (code name). Website design and creation has never been easy with the new Adobe Muse now released in free public beta version.

Adobe Muse is an Adobe Air application that lets you create websites as easy as you create layouts for print. Very similar with layouting a brochure in InDesign. All without writing a single code.

Adobe chose making Muse in Adobe Air rather that a full-blown native application to make it work for both Mac and PC platform. A lot of people might not be in favor of using Adobe Air most particularly in Mac as it performs inadequately compared to a native app, but Muse is quite fast and efficient for an Adobe Air app.

Graphic designers will surely benefit from Muse’s functionality and featureset. Adobe identified that majority of their users are graphic designers and not web developers or code geeks. Graphic designers who wants to create code-free websites quickly, flexibly and powerfully as they do in Adobe InDesign from which Muse mimics its user interface and design model.

Muse was also built to take advantage of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 properties to generate well written, semantically-correct and clean code.

You can also add HTML code snippets, other HTML elements like Google Maps and Facebook feeds, or create interesting and interactive pages with its built-in tools like lightboxes, customizable slideshows, dynamic buttons and navigation menus, and a whole lot more.

You can preview your design with Muse easily from within using its built-in WebKit browser or open it up with your default browser app.

You may expect some minor kinks and crashes with this public beta. Simply close, restart and resume, and with its auto-save feature you can pick up from where you left without losing too much work.

Adobe is set to realease the final and paid version early next year and it will be available through subscription. Subsciption fee will be $15 per month for a one-year contract or $20 monthly without commitment.

Adobe also offers hosting directly from Muse via its Adobe Business Catalyst hosting platform, but you can also host your site elsewhere and bring all your web content to any web server of your choice.

You can check out and install Muse from its official Adobe Muse site (built entirely with Muse), or visit their Facebook page and Twitter to learn more.

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