Adobe Releases Free Preview Version of Edge: An HTML5 GUI Based Tool


Adobe recently released Edge, its new GUI based Web Motion and Interaction Design Tool to create Flash-like motion graphics in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Adobe finally embraced HTML5, recognized its continuing rise and decided to go with it rather than compete.

Rich media web content has generated much debate between Flash and HTML5 in the recent years. Most notably when Apple CEO Steve Jobs rejected Flash and favored HTML5 instead in developing apps for Apple iOS on iPhones and iPads. A thin line between the two platforms continue to develop flaming lengthy discussions whether HTML5 can totally replace Flash someday.

Much of developers clamor with HTML5 replacing Flash is the lack of Flash-like GUI based tool that will help them create animations and interactive content easily. Although there are also similar HTML5 visual tools released recently like Tumult’s Hype for Mac ($29.99 from Mac App Store) and Sencha Animator (currently available in Beta License), but with Edge coming from Adobe, a dominant player in the web development arena, definitely spearheads HTML5’s dominance in web and mobile content development.

The future of Flash is still uncertain at this moment. And with Adobe releasing Edge, we can’t help asking questions like, will Edge now replace Flash? Is it just Adobe’s strategy to keep up with HTML5 and capture a slice of Apple’s iOS market? or will it just be a companion or enhancement to Flash? These questions might be too early to get answers. Currently, Flash is still the most widely used animation and rich media content tool in the market. HTML5 may have a strong start but it still lacks a number of features offered by Flash and it is yet to reach full compatibility with all web browsers. So Flash is still far from being doomed and linking Edge with the death of Flash is over the top.

Adobe Edge is currently available for download in its beta or preview version free of charge. The Preview version may be bare bones for now but further enhancements will be added during the public preview development stage, including interactivity, richer graphics, and more flexible drawing tools within Edge. The full and retail version will be released sometime around next year. Head on to Adobe Labs for Edge if you want to download and learn more about it.


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