5 Useful Color Tool Apps for your Android Device


Colors play a huge  impact on how your design is perceived by your audiences. We normally find it easy to grab the core colors for a design project but finding other alternative matching colors can sometimes be difficult. But there are a bunch of color tools available online and for different types of mobile devices as well that will suggest and help you determine the right color palette for your project. Forget about downloading games and other useless apps for now and check out these useful Google Android apps that will help you choose the perfect colors for your designs.

1. Real Colors Palette Generator

Real Colors Palette Generator is one of the leading color palette generator available for Android devices. This app can automatically generate harmonious color palettes (colour schemes) from photos using unique algorithm
and lets you generate the color spectrum from it. Upgrading to Pro gives you additional features like generate color palettes using color theory rules and many more.

Real color tool android app apk

2. My Color Guide

My Color Guide gives you access to thousands of colors and palettes (including Sherwin-Williams, and RAL palettes). This app allows you to keep an inventory and wish list of colors that you can browse anytime and share with your clients and friends. You can also use My Color Guide with the camera on your phone to tell you the names of colors in real-time and save them into custom palettes.

My Color Guide Android apk app

3. ColorEye Free

ColorEye is a color finding application (a color eye) that tells you the colors that you are looking at. It can accurately tell colors for the color blind. It can also tell you numerical information about the color in RGB, CMYK, and HSB format for artists and graphic designers.

ColorEye Free Android apk app

4. Magic Color Picker

Magic Color Picker is an powerful color selection tool suitable for designers, artists and programmers for selecting colors using different color models. Supports 7 different modes and RGB, HSV, HSL and YUV color models. Use either palette or sliders to adjust. Colors are shown in decimal and HEX.

Magic Color Tools Android apk app

5.  rwColorPicker

rwColorPicker is a color tool that picks color codes from real world objects or compose colors from scratch. It supports RGB, HEX and HSB color model and allows you to manage your favorite colors in an easy to use list.

rwColorPicker Android apk app

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