Free Vectors: Early Winter Snowflakes


Days are fast approaching. September is almost midway and next month is October. In some places like Scandinavia, winter traditionally begins on October 14th and ends on the last day of February. Well, I never experienced winter nor expecting one here in our place. We only have two seasons here, dry and wet seasons. The closest thing we can experience winter here is go to an artificial winter place called Snow World which is being opened yearly during Christmas season. We went there 2 years ago and it was really freezing cold (way below freezing point), and I told myself I could never get used to living in a place having winter season. But it was chillin’ fun and we had a great time.


So today I would like to be the first (hopefully I am) to offer everyone winter or Christmas related stuff like these 60 different kind of snowflakes in vector format (.ai Illustrator CS4 and .eps Illustrator 10). Snowflakes they say are very interesting, lovely yet complicated kind of art created by nature. They also say that no two snow flakes are alike and that they are all unique. But recent scientific finding reveals that only the dendrite kind of flakes are unique, and a different group of flakes that grew mostly on both extremes of low/high temperatures and dry/humid air, classified as needle, column, and plate flakes have identical mates. So don’t be fooled by the old saying that all snow flakes are unique, science proves that some are not.

So there you go, some bits and pieces about snowflakes, and hopefully you’ll like these vector snowflakes and be able to use them come holiday season. You can use them for your greeting cards, gift tags, gift wrappers and everything else Christmas or winter related designs. Download and Enjoy.

Download link:
60 Free Vector Snowflakes – 3.36MB


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