Free Vectors: Cute Baby Cliparts


I did quite a few baby design stuff these past few months mostly for friends and relatives. It has never been this easy when you have ready-made graphic materials to use like these baby vector cliparts. Before, I tried to find some nice and free vector cliparts like these but found only a handful of good ones. So I searched around and was able to find some good ones. And now I’m sharing with everyone a few sets of some cute and adorable baby vector cliparts that you can use for a lot of your baby themed design projects like custom invitations, posters, greeting cards, gift tags, gift wraps, etc. for events like baby shower parties, baptism, dedication, birthdays, and a lot more. Browse and preview these free cute and adorable baby vector clipart sets below and click the links of those you like so could download them. Please check with each one copyright usage so you could use these vector cliparts properly. Hope you find all of them useful. Enjoy.

1. Cute baby cliparts set 1

Cute baby vector cliparts 1

2. Vector misc cute baby picture clip art 2
Free cute vector baby cliparts 2

3. Vector misc cute baby vector clipart 3
Free cute vector baby cliparts 3

4. Funny vector clipart babies 4

Free cute vector baby cliparts 4

5. Vector cute baby cliparts 5

Free cute vector baby cliparts 5


  1. Graphire 1 October, 2009 at 10:19

    Thanks Becky. Even though the design resources we share here are free, I try to make them professionally looking and at par with similar premium items around.

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