Free Vectors: Classic Decorative Borders


Here’s a quick one for today. Previously, we gathered Some Excellent Collection of Vector Decorative Borders and Patterns. Now, we have some of our own vector decorative borders to give away. Special thanks goes to a friend who donated this special collection to us, Mostafa of Majid Online.


Today’s free vector download is a collection of various ornamental/decorative border elements, consisting mostly of corners, centerpiece, patterns, whole frames, etc. These are classically designed decorative borders and border elements that you can combine with some nice vintage script text and ornaments. These are also perfect for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and some elegant and classical brochures. The download zip file contains 51 eps files that can be opened by most vector editing softwares like Illustrator and Corel Draw.

Download link:
Free Vectors: Classic Decorative Borders – 1.4MB


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