Free Vectors: Christmas Holiday Sale Tags and Labels


Ah the sweet cold air of Christmas season is here. You can feel it everywhere, most certainly in shopping malls. Yes folks, it’s peak season once again for the retail business sector. The Christmas shopping season starts as early as October and could well end until January next year.

I just hope that everyone will shop wisely this season as most of us are still experiencing financial downturn. It will be better if we all practice responsible spending and credit card charges. We all know how tempting those holiday season bargains are so try to think it over a couple of times before jumping in with your cash or credit card.

So with all those holiday shopping spree going on, I am sharing some holiday freebies of vector Christmas holiday sale tags and labels that I did last Christmas season for some retail store brochures. You can use these for any Christmas or retail related materials like brochures, flyers, catalogues, e-commerce web stores, and many more. Use them all for free, both for personal or commercial use. Two links are provided below, an Adobe Illustrator ai (CS4) and a vector EPS (Illustrator CS up) file format.


Download links:
Free Vector Christmas Holiday Sale Tags and Labels (ai) – 748.2KB
Free Vector Christmas Holiday Sale Tags and Labels (EPS) – 1.27MB


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