Free Vectors: 12 Web 2.0 Glossy Vector Buttons


I believe Web 2.0 style is still popular these days. As we are about to enter a new phase of web evolution collectively known as Web 3.0, probably next year or so, Web 2.0 style is still very much prevalent and may even be around for a couple more years after Web 3.0 started. Although designer geeks are still debating how Web 3.0 will look like, I say it might not be far from the Web 2.0 standard features of simple and clean colors, bold 3D graphic elements and gradients. So I hope these 12 Web 2.0 glossy vector blank buttons I am sharing today will still be appropriate to use come Web 3.0.

Preview images of all 12 vector buttons are shown below. Download link to an archive file containing two files in Adobe Illustrator native .ai format (CS4) and EPS (Illustrator 10) are provided further down.


Download link:
Free Vectors: 12 Web 2.0 Glossy Vector Buttons – 1MB


  1. NR Ventures 20 September, 2009 at 02:04


    Are you available to do a custom twitter background and bio image work for me? If so, please reply back to my e-mail id and I can send you the details.

  2. CrazyDesigner 10 February, 2011 at 09:20

    This is a nice collection of buttonsl. However, for those who does not have Photoshop or knowledge of designer and wants create their own button with easy, I will suggest Cool Button Designer. Cool Button Designer can generate buttons for all three states on the fly, mouse over, mouse pressed and normal states. It gives you ability to control the light and reflection, add icon to your button, to gazillion of shapes, etc… Very nice software to create Web 2.0 style button. Cool Button Designer also generates you the HTML code for you to use. It saves the templates, that you can resize any time without loosing the quality of your button.

    You should try it, its not a joke, and with 3-5 minutes you can build this button from scratch.

    I am using it myself for my projects, and very glad to find it.

    Try it, google for Cool Button Designer. Official website has a free trial, limited with watermark only.

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