Free Vector Water and Paint Splatters


There are several ways you can create vector paint splatters in Adobe Illustrator. The easiest way is to use paint or pencil tool with the built-in brush library. To access the paint splatter brush library, open the Brush palette window by clicking the Window menu. The Brush palette will open. From the Brush palette, click the palette drop-down menu for more options. Select Open Brush Library > Artistic > Artistic_Ink. Select the splash style and color you want and create as many paint splatters as you want using the paint or pencil tool.

With this method, you are limited with a few built-in paint splatters in the library. But if you want more stylish and realistic vector paint splatters, you can just download these ready made vector paint and water splatters. You can modify them any way you want. Download the archive file from the link provided below. This archive file contains both vector EPS and Adobe Illustrator ai. You may use them freely for all your personal or commercial design projects. Enjoy!

Download link:
Free Vector Water and Paint Splatters – 10.72mb


  1. Paul 1 November, 2011 at 00:55

    Hiya – Just need to check the copyright on these images, are they really free for business use? They look fantastic!

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