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Way back some years ago, I fancied doodling some skull and wings emblem. As I was rummaging through my vector archive, I came across these vector skull emblems, and two of them I decided to share today. You can use these to create your own Harley-Davidson type of skull and wings logo or use them for your own t-shirt design.

I have a bit of skull and wings design history to share. The history of the skull and wings design is much, much older than the familiar Harley-Davidson and Hell’s Angels logo. The design itself dates back to the Puritanical period in American history (around 1690). The design was originally used on tombstones and was referred to as the “death’s head”. One interesting fact about these early carvings is that the skull is often grinning, an indication that death is the release from all earthly troubles and the passing on to a better place. The skull and wings was a symbol of good luck. Today, as it was popularized by Harley and Hell’s Angels for thousands of bikers around the world, the skull and wings is still a symbol of good luck and happy journeys.

These two designs come in our usual Adobe Illustrator native file format (CS2 .ai) and EPS. Download link is provided further down. Download, extract and enjoy.



Download link:
Free vector skull emblems – 6.85MB


  1. john c. van 6 August, 2009 at 06:10

    I was intrested in the skulls logo for my Officer training class T-shirt if you would like i can send the design using the logo here provided to show you what i came up with.. i appreciate this information and the design logo.. it came in super handy for this design..

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