Free Vector Illustrations: Glossy Web Navigation Templates


Here are some freebies for today. A few but definitely gorgeous glossy web navigation templates. Completely editable in illustrator eps format.

Designing your website navigational system is very critical in spelling out success for your site. So allow me to share with you some important tips in designing your navigational menu:

1. Be consistent. Navigation icons/links used for on your web pages should remain consistent, in terms of color or design (shape) or both. This brings congruency to the site design creating a ‘familiar’ atmosphere for visitors.

2. Keep it simple and easy to find. Navigation should be such that visitors are able to find the information they are looking for in a maximum of three clicks. The lesser the number of clicks the better. Remember, frustrated visitors are quick to click on the browser “Back” button. So structuring your site contents is essential for survival.

3. Use obvious section names. The section names of a site, especially as labeled in the navigation, should clearly state what lies behind them. Obscure, general words like “resources” and “tools” should be avoided when possible, as they only lead to users clicking on multiple buttons before finding what they are looking for. Stick to obvious button names such as “news” and “podcasts” to avoid confusion.

4. Less is more. Too many navigation buttons, while leading into more sections, may just leave a user with too many choices. A long list of options keeps the visitor from getting into the most important content areas of your site. Instead, consider drop-down menus that break down top-level buttons into sub-sections.

5. Remind your users where they are. Once a user clicks into a site section, it’s a good idea to remind them where they are. Use a consistent method to highlight the section a visitor is in, such as a change in color or appearance. If the site has more than one page per section, be sure to leave the button clickable so users can use it to get back to the main page of that area.

Now on to our freebies.

Glossy Web Navigation Set 1

Glossy Web Navigation Set 2

Glossy Web Navigation Set 3


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  2. ediguard 23 September, 2009 at 01:01

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