Free Vector Illustrations: Background Collection No. 2


Sorting out some vector backgrounds for a magazine I’m currently doing, I came up with these four extra ones. They may not be exactly appropriate for the serious theme of the magazine I’m currently working, but I was able to use some elements from them. The good thing about vector is you can easily pick and use certain elements from other designs and create a totally different one. So once again, time to share four vector backgrounds that you may also find useful for your own custom designs.

1. Blaster Green

2. Earth Flow

3. Kryptolite

4. Mellowmallows


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  2. Background Collection - Creativa Images 21 April, 2017 at 12:23

    […] These background collection can be used for your project, such as for magazine design. It has unique texture, such as Blaster green, Earth flow, Kryptolite, and Mellowmallows, all of them has an futuristic impression for your design. Let’s get Background Collection ! […]

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