Free Soft Vector Gradient Mesh Backgrounds


Lately, I have been using gradient mesh vector backgrounds more often. They are much easier to control and manipulate than raster type images. I have quite created a few of them in my design arsenal and I would like to share five of them today.

Gradient mesh is a great and easy to use Adobe Illustrator tool that can give vector realism to your artwork. It might take a little practice for novice Illustrator users but it’s all worth it. There are a lot of dedicated tutorials on this tool all over the Web. You won’t have trouble finding good ones if you really want to learn how to use it. I think I touched a little about Illustrator gradient mesh tool in one of my tutorials here in You may want to check our “Vector Tutorial: Creating Your Own Vector iPhone” to learn a few things about gradient mesh tool.

So here they are, five free soft vector gradient mesh backgrounds. Download links are provided further down. Two types of vector files are provided for you to choose from, Adobe Illustrator ai (CS4) and EPS (CS up). Enjoy.

Download links:
Free Soft Vector Gradient Mesh Backgrounds (Adobe Illustrator ai) – 3.1MB
Free Soft Vector Gradient Mesh Backgrounds (EPS) – 13MB


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