Free Playful Children Vector Graphics for your Kiddie-themed Designs


I was recently commissioned to do a book cover design for a grade school textbook, and finding some good free children or kiddie graphics to use is difficult so I ended up doing my own vector illustrations. I won’t be able to share my kiddie book cover designs here due to exclusivity. And if you came here looking for some free children or kiddie type vector graphics that you want to use for your own design projects, I have rounded up just the right stuff for you. Here are some beautiful and playful free children vector graphics that you can use for your kiddie-themed design projects like children’s party invitations, posters, greeting cards, brochures and many more. Scroll down, download and have fun.

1. Happy Children’s Day Vector Material

2. Cute Kids with Placards Vector Material

3. Lovely Children Summer Theme Vector

4. Children’s Day Shopping Vector

5. 25 Free Playful Kids Vector

6. Free Children Silhouette Vector Set

7. Free Children Vector Illustrations

8. 20 High-quality Anime Children Illustrations

9. Baby Vector Illustrations

10. Flowers and Sweets Vector

11. Cute Vector Animals

12. More Cute Vector Animals

13. Comical Animal Vectors

14. Free Kiddie Vector Elements Pattern


  1. Xe 20 December, 2011 at 17:14

    Are these free also for commercial use?
    The “1) Happy Children’s Day Vector Material” download area do not have any info if it is free for commercial.

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