Free Abstact Polygon (low-poly) Vector Backgrounds


Geometric patterns has been part of graphic design for a very long time. They can prove to be useful, functional, and effective when used properly in a design. One particular geometric design fad that you must have certainly seen is low poly art. This visual style is composed of geometric shapes placed together to create angular and minimalist compositions. Low poly art comes from the early days of 3D animation and video games, where 3D scenes use low polygonal resolution to help reduce render times. And in light of this particular design style, we would like to give away five exclusive free colorful abstract polygon (low-poly) vector backgrounds for everyone. Feel free to download them all and use on whatever design project you have in mind. Compressed zip files are password protected (password provided below) to prevent others from linking directly to our freebies without permission.

File specs:

  • Dimension (jpg): 3840 x 2034
  • Vector format: ai (Adobe Illustrator CC)
  • Zip file password: dflowpoly

Colorful low poly background 1



Colorful low poly background 2



Colorful low poly background 3



Colorful low poly background 4



Colorful low poly background 5


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