1000+ Ultimate Collection of Free Easter Vector Graphics


Easter is next Sunday. Easter or Resurrection Sunday is a very important day for christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The origin of the English name “Easter” is not certain, as well as other aspects surrounding Easter observance such as eggs and bunnies, which has been the symbols of Easter adopted by various cultures. Although officially and traditionally, Easter’s colors are just white and gold, Easter has been transformed into a colorful event represented by brightly painted easter eggs, colorful ribbons on colored baskets, and spring. A colorful Easter that should be the most joyful time of celebration of the church year. Celebrated against the shadows and darkness of Lent and Holy Week, this season truly represents the living expression of the hope that God has brought into the world through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

So If you are still searching for some easter vector cliparts for your design, you’re on the right track. Here’s our ultimate collection of free easter vector graphics containing over 1,000 cliparts. Happy Easter everyone!

1. 200+ Easter Vector Clipart Mega Collection from Garcya.us

2. Free Easter Vectors from DryIcons

3. Pierce Easter Clipart Collection

4. Free Vector and Pixel Repeat Patterns – Easter Theme Set 1

5. Vector Eggs by PajkaBajka

6. Easter Vector Doodle by Contadgreen

7. 300+ Easter Vector Clipart Mega Collection

8. Easter Eggs Vector from freevectorstock.com

9. Easter Vector Clipart Eggs

10. Vector Easter Egg Collection from Vectorilla


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